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Campsite 23rd July 1998

The camp takes place in Åland , on the islands situated between Finland and Sweden, in the middle of a beautiful archipelago. The camp site, which is the camping ground of Bomarsund fortress, is situated on the main island of Åland, about 20 km northeast from Mariehamn, the only city of the island. Bomarsund is easily reached by boat.

The fortress of Bomarsund was built during 1832-1854. Åland was then part of the Russian Empire, and the fortress was ment for the military forces assigned to the Islands. There were plans for a fortified complex capable of housing 6.000 men. It had a considerable impact on the Ålanders, and even today people make references to ''Bomarsund times''.

The Bomarsund period came abruptly to an end when the fortress was thoroughly destroyed in a joint British-French attack in 1854, the conflict commonly known as the Crimean War.

Bomarsund stands as a short-lived episode in Åland's history. But the repercussions of the rise and fall of the Bomarsund fortress exist to this day: Åland became the demilitarized zone that it still is.

Nowadays the walls and cannon towers surrounding the camping ground give a unique, specific atmosphere to it. This combined to the excellent sailing waters around the Åland archipelago makes Bomarsund a superb camping site.

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