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To the sea!

Satahanka is a seascoutcamp and therefore sailing is an important part of the programme. All scouts make a daylong trip with one of the taller trainingvessels to the seas. Vessels have arrived here as far as the easternmost Finland. Sail and navigationtraining are of course the top activities in the camp and especially that here it is possible to try how it fells to sail with some other boat than the one of our own troop..

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Satahanka is living history

Satahanka-camps are an important part of finnish seascouting and their meaning for the growth of this branch has been quite maningfull. This a reason enough that the Finnish Scout Museum has built up an exhibition here on camp to exhibit past years and present. The Museum is also here to enlarge its historical collection and to gather information of the past of finnish seascouting. The museum is open today from 10 AM to 8 PM.

The final of the Sports

The finals of the great sports contest of Satahanka was held at the flagsquare on Thursday night. The campion was Seminum-patrol from the subcamp Flötjan although the other finalists, the greeks, gave them strong resistance. In the finals teams competed in footballgolf, collective skiing, frisbee throwing and dicemaking.


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In the Satahanka the scouts make acquintance with the maritime history in practise. One of the camps activities is called "Traditionships". As a traditionsship is called a new ship built in an old classical style. In Satahanka these kind of ships have been alandish Albanus, Valborg of the Scouts of the Finnish Capitaldistrict, fishingboat Jehu and a boat called Cajsan. All ships of these kinds have been used in commerce in the past.

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The closing ceremony

Satahanka camp ends saturday 8th August. Friday is the day for the closing ceremony. . This event begins at 2100 hours in the lower field by the road leading to the harbour. Programme is historical and includes scenes from the Battle of Bomarsund with cannons and attacking vessels.

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